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Auvers (Auvers-sur-oise) is a village in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, France. Famous painter Vincent van Gogh lived in this vibrant little town during the 19th century and did many of his world-renowned paintings here.


Cafe is the key driver of our concept with three major elements - coffeefood and atmosphere.


It all starts with the ingredients. From pot-to-plate, we source our ingredients from local Australian farmers to truly create fresh and flavoursome dishes.


This mission is simple. We serve the best coffee in the world. By offering highly-graded, specialty roasted blends and single origins, we will take you on a coffee journey to different corners of the world.  


It truly isn’t complete without the right atmosphere. At Auvers, we have created a social space for all individuals to gather and take on our dining experience together. We believe in a minimalist lifestyle to maximise the time we have with each other, with the help of award winning designers.


We are influenced by art every day of our lives, despite our various hobbies and interests. We believe art is the shared expression of one’s angels and demons, telling a story beyond words. This is why we choose to showcase artists from around the world, to share their stories with you.



This word infinitely empowers us to do more, try more and create more. We believe that inspiration is the cycle of innovation and without it, there is no progression in life. This is why we aim to inspire our customers by sharing our knowledge and also the knowledge of other individuals. Auvers will be the home to various workshops to inspire our customers to ultimately, inspire others.




Served after 10am


Corona/Asahi Super Dry $7


Espresso Martini-

Combo of Gin, Kahlua and Coffee $12



Wine only $6 per bottle